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ProAlp.me is a professional full spectrum company. For many years works at height have been our dedicated field, where we have extensive experience. ProAlp also specializes in working in places with limited access using commercial climbing techniques.

Our long-term international experience with projects of different degrees of of complexity  allows us to give an adequate assessment of potential risks and to make the most efficient plan to reduce the budget and production time without the loss of quality.

The efficient technologies we use minimise usually inevitable inconveniences during construction works. The large number of successful projects we fulfiled in Montenegro and Russia confirms this statement, as well as testimonials from our clients’ and partners.

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Commercial climbing is a special technique of conducting works in the unsupported area using the rope access, mountaineering methods of moving and climbing protection.

This techniques allows us to conduct works at height and in places with limited access without scaffolding, platforms or pulley systems. Commercial climbing is used when using platforms is not economically or physically justified.

The scope of application of the commercial climbing is really vast. It is used for carrying out construction and mounting works, for servicing and renovation purposes and other facade works, equipment, internal and external building structures and industrial facilities.

ProAlp.me does a full spectrum of cosmetic and major repairs of facades of all kind of buildings

  • Deburring the facades with pressurized water. This procedure is important to get rid of the dust and mineral deposits and organic formations. We also use hydro-jet cleaning as the first stage of repair works -  the pressured water deburs pilled off finish coats of facades really well  to reveal the existing defects.

  • Repair works. The full scope of pre-paint preparatory works: plastering, crack sealing, puttying, restoring decorative plasters.

  • Painting works. It includes primer and facades’ surfaces painting (min 2 layers). We use only high quality materials and Graco airless spray painting equipment. It allows us to expedite the process and improve the quality of painting, especially when it comes to restoring facades with decorative plasters.

  • Facade Insulation. We use the ‘wet facade’ technology, Styrofoam and decorative finishing.

  • Mounting and renovation of ventilated facades.

Cleaning at Heights

  • Initial Wash of the external facade glazing on various kinds of buildings (initial wash means cleaning the surfaces which are not washed on a regular basis and which have a rather heavy layer of perennial atmospheric depositions).
  • Secondary Wash of the external facade glazing on various kinds of buildings (secondary wash means cleaning the surfaces which are washed on a regular basis, at least once a year, to get rid of perennial atmospheric depositions
  • External Facade Glazing Wash after construction and renovation works. It is the most complicated and expensive type of washing since it requires more time and using special chemicals and tools.
  • Hydro-jet cleaning (pressured water washing) of facades with various finishing (stone, decorative plaster, smooth plastering and other types of surfaces).

ProAlp.me does a full spectrum of mounting and dismantling of various constructions at heights

  • Protection from birds
  • Outside air conditioners
  • Decorative screens for outside air conditioners
  • Double-glazing
  • Constructions of stained glass windows
  • Drainage systems
  • Facade illuminations
  • Alarm and Video systems
  • Chimney ventilation systems
  • Metal constructions

Roofing Works

ProAlp.me carries out repair works of various types of rooftops where it is impossible  or very difficult to use any other ways of repairs.

We carry out waterproofing works of

  • Constructions of stained glass windows
  • Cornices and sill guards
  • Decorative facade elements (sandricks, parapets, window frames, French balconies etc)
  • Holes left on facades after mounting of various equipment (air conditioners, metal structures, recooperators etc)

Lifting and Moving of Cargo (Rigging)

ProAlp.me specialists have vast experience in lifting and moving of different cargo, including in areas with difficult access where it is impossible to use special equipment. We are proud to say that ProAlp.me is capable of resolving the most difficult tasks such as:

  • Lifting up oversized furniture ( table tops, large tiles, sofas, wardrobes and other pieces)

  • Lifting and mounting of bells (the maximum weight of the bell we lifted was 5000kg, overall weight of the bells we lifted was more than 15000kg)

  • Lifting and mounting of double-glazed windows of various sizes, including large bent windows

  • Lifting and mounting of decorative facade elements and metal structures

  • Lifting and mounting of climate control equipment, sun collectors and others

Arboristics - is a set of works for treatment of cure trees and removal of their damaged parts. Arborists climb trees using mountaineering equipment. It allows them to do their job even with tall tree,s when it’s impossible to help the tree by using ladders or lifters.
Arboristics is considered to be the most dangerous job among commercial climbers. The client is concerned about the damage a fallen tree or a branch can cause. The arborist faces a whole bunch of risks. There is a risk of the safety rope being cut, that’s why our specialists use special equipment with the cable core. Using the chainsaw at the height of the tall tree is a very high risk job. That’s why these works need to be carried out by professional specialists who understand how to deal with large plants.

Types of works we safely carry out in this field

  • Removal of dry and dangerous branches
  • Crowning of trees
  • Tree treatment procedures (saw cuts, mend hollows)
  • Set of procedures to strengthen trees with the help of stretchers, cables and bolts
  • Tree removals in hard to access areas
  • Tree removals in close proximity to electric wire and houses
  • Other works to protect and rescue trees

ProAlp.me specializes on anti-corrosive treatment of industrial buildings using commercial climbing methods

Corrosion is the main enemy of all industrial buildings, that’s why they all need to have the anti-corrosive treatment. Corrosion attacks factories, warehouses, chimneys, production lines, car services, parking lots and all metal structures – pipelines, power lines, lamp posts, engineering facilities etc.

Corrosion is a chemical process caused by the contacts of the used materials with the natural phenomena.  Contrary to the general opinion it’s not only metal structures that suffers from the corrosion, but also facilities made of cement and other non-metal materials.

So all industrial and technical objects need to undertake measure to prevent and/or slow down corrosion processes. One of the most effective ways to fight corrosion is the anti-corrosive treatment. This will increase the operating life of industrial facilities and reduce the costs of repair works as well as improve safety. Especially as far as metal facilities go.

Anticorrosive measures taken in time (eliminating the rust, mold, moss, fungus) allow to postpone major repair works for literary a dozen of years. All you need to do is to entrust this job to professionals, and we will select the required technology and the best materials!

Engineering and Mounting of Fixed Anchor Lines

The Anchor line is an element in the safety system used at the height that consists of the synthetic rope fixed at the mainframe, a steel cable or a rigid steel structure, to which other elements of connecting and shock absorbing subsystems could be attached for providing a safe movement of the worker at the height.

In cooperation with our partners we design and assembly the fall protection safety systems for use at industrial and other buildings. 

In alliance with our Russian partners our specialists successfully fulfilled the major repair works of the cooling tower of the Thermoelectric Power Plant in Ivanovo, Russian Federation

  • Mounting of temporary anchor lines for positioning on the surface with a negative angle inside the cooling tower

  • Hydro-jet cleaning (both external and internal surfaces of the cooling tower)

  • Concrete shotcrete (it’s a method of spreading concrete under the pressure from the special flexible trunks, it increases the particles adhesion and seals cracks and holes)

  • Priming and painting (2 layers) of the external surface of the cooling tower by the airless spraying

  • Waterproofing of the internal surface of the cooling tower using the material which consisted of the coal tar and polymers by the airless spraying

The assessment  the safety of industrial buildings are directly connected with the external examination of the  constructions. Very often the access to them is limited due to the fact that they are located at the height, which makes the process of getting samples of the materials, making the list of defects and testing rather complicated.

Commercial climbing is the most effective way of examining the building with the limited access to the parts that are in need of the assessment. Often using  lifters and scaffolding are not commercially or technically justified, or simply impossible.

Commercial climbing is widely used for the following :

  • Examining the inside of industrial chimneys and silos
  • Examining the finishing surfaces of high industrial buildings and facilities
  • Examining the metal structures (transporter systems, cooling towers, communication towers and antennas etc)
  • Examining the rooftops
  • Examining the equipment located in the areas with the limited access (air conditioneers and climate control appliances, sun collectors, advertising signs etc)


Always rise to the occasion

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Always rise to the occasion


Always rise to the occasion


Always rise to the occasion